Duque 70

Lisbon in all its majesty

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A very<br>special light

A very
special light

Lisbon is a trendy, safe and affordable city with stunning views, almost millenarian historical heritage, animation and a number of sunshine hours a year difficult to overcome.

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Lisbon<br>city of the 7 hills

city of the 7 hills

Every year, Lisbon receives millions of tourists and has been consecutively chosen as on of the most desirable destinations to live and to travel to.

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Tejo<br>in sight

in sight

Discover a city that reinvents itself on the Tejo River bank, with a refreshing culture breeze, gastronomy and entertainment scattered along its streets and avenues.

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Lisbon center<br>waits for you

Lisbon center
waits for you

A short walk through the Avenida Duque de Loulé is enough to win the attention of those who pass by. Come revisit the past and look to the future in the city center.

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Lisbon in all it's majesty

Lisbon in all it's majesty

Living side by side with some of the most famous streets and avenues in the capital, at Avenida Duque de Loulé, the local commerce offers the latest trends in the world of the haute couture, restaurants and cultural animation. Get to know this Lisbon facet that changes almost eery day.

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Where is it good<br>to be really right

Where is it good
to be really right

The DUQUE 70 rehabilitation was thought to detail and when so it is, the details make the difference. Signed by the João Santa Rita architect, it results from the renovation of 4 historic buildings of traditional layout, adapted to the comfort and need of the modern world.

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